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Boxx TV celebrates ten years of game-changing innovation

Boxx TV continues to rewrite the rule book for the industry, by delivering reliable high-quality video at very low latency and an affordable price.

Boxx TV, is celebrating a decade of designing and supplying game-changing digital microwave solutions to the broadcast industry. The first company to bring zero-delay wireless solutions to the industry has a consistent track record in innovation and is currently working on the first true solution for 4K UHD RF transmission.

The launch in 2008 of the Boxx Cobalt RF transmission system marked Boxx TV as a brand to watch by immediately challenging the status quo of niche expensive wireless units with an affordable high end solution for the mainstream.

The Boxx Meridian, launched two years later, was the industry’s first zero delay HD wireless system and quickly became the product of choice for the most high-profile live productions on the planet including Australia’s Got Talent and The X Factor. Boxx’s long range wireless product, Zenith, became the standard solution for covering events such as Top Gear Festival, Glastonbury and the Surfing Professional World Tour.

Recognised with an Emmy for Engineering Excellence and Oscar Nominated in 2013 for the Academy SciTech Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievements, Boxx next delivered the Atom wireless Video Assist solution. The Atom’s uncapped range and crucial ability to broadcast a signal without needing to be paired has seen it adopted by DPs and ‘A Camera’ operators on multi-camera award winning shows from American Gothic to The Expanse, Star Trek Discovery to The Handmaid's Tale as well as recent Bruno Mars and Pink tour productions.

“Right from the inception of the company a decade ago, our technology has been especially engineered for the needs of live-to-air broadcasts, ENG operations and also for Steadicam, portable field monitoring or video-assist applications,” Co-founder and CEO Darrell Bilton, says. “We strongly believe that close contact with the industry, listening to feedback and understanding issues from the camera operator’s point of view is vital to product design and ensuring we have a service tailored to their needs.”

Scott Walker, Boxx TV co-founder adds, “Although the industry has changed almost beyond recognition since we started out in 2007, Boxx TV’s approach to design hasn’t. We make breakthrough systems that provide quality the industry relies on at a fraction of the cost. We are now taking our expertise as well as knowledge gained from operators in the field to develop the industry’s first true solution for 4K UHD RF transmission. Watch this space!”


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