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Caton Technology seals deal for new partner in Brazil

Seal Telecom, a Convergint Company, recognises CTP as the ideal IP transmission solution

Singapore, 28 February 2022: Caton Technology, a pioneer in next-generation IP network transport solutions, has appointed Seal Telecom, a Convergint Company, as its distributor in Brazil. Seal is a large and successful business, already closely involved with the nation’s broadcasters, and with the knowledge and experience to collaborate on innovative solutions.

Caton specialises in high quality, low latency video over the open internet, using its Caton Transport Protocols (CTP), a bespoke platform designed specifically for broadcast contribution and distribution. CTP provides a significant advantage over other video transport protocols in being much more robust over unstable networks, seen as a challenge for IP delivery in Brazil.

“We work closely with many of the broadcasters in the region, and we know that they need to drive down costs while maintaining perceived quality,” said Danillo Garcia, VP M&E LATAM for Seal Telecom, “Caton can provide transformative technology, and together we can implement new, secure and reliable signal paths, for permanent and ad hoc circuits, which will meet and exceed their expectations.”

Eduardo Branco, sales director Brazil and Portugal for Caton Technology, added “Seal Telecom, is an ideal partner for us. They are a technology business, and readily understand how our products fit into the broadcast environment. Seal also has the resources to provide in-depth training and support in the local language and culture, which is also really important. Additionally, we can rely on them for the complete commercial service, handling documentation and sales taxes.

“Most important, we know that together we can play a major role in the transformation of the media market in Brazil,” Branco said. “The region’s broadcasters will be best served with secure, reliable IP connectivity, and in Caton Technology and the CTP, we can deliver the most adaptable, most cost-effective solutions.”


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