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Densitron Drives Development in Haptics and Human Machine Interaction with Key Appointment

Densitron, a creator of ARM and x86 based Human Machine Controllers, with over 45 years of display application experiences in LCD and OLED, today announced that Martyn Gates has been appointed as Global Director of Product Development and joins the board as an executive member, effective immediately.

Gates is a broadcast industry and product development specialist with 36 years of commercial, academic, and research experience and will lead Densitron’s global product development strategy with a particular focus on Haptics and Human Machine Interaction.

Throughout his career Gates has led international development teams, in both hardware and software, for a number of broadcast manufacturers including Omnibus Systems, Snell & Wilcox, and Miranda Technologies. Gates also holds extensive experience in face and image recognition technology in both the broadcast and security markets.

In his most recent position, Gates was operating as a consultant and at board level in the commercial technology sector and transformed the undergraduate course in the field of broadcast technology and engineering at Ravensbourne University London as associate senior lecturer.

A highly experienced consultant, Gates has analysed the impact of the introduction of new technologies on business processes and people. His academic research in the field of human visual perception and what is now colloquially referred to as ‘fake news’ led to a published paper ‘Is Seeing Still Believing: Factors That Allow Humans and Machines to Discriminate Between Real and Generated Images’ in SMPTE’s Motion Imaging Journal (October 2018).

Chris Goodhall, Global Business Development Director, Densitron commented, “The societal impacts of technology and the underlying human sensory perception is very significant in the industry right now, and Martyn has demonstrated remarkable knowledge in this field. In joining Densitron, Martyn will have the support to develop this interest further and will work with product development to offer enhanced benefits to our customers in Haptics and Human Machine Interaction.”

Gates holds a Masters in Broadcast Futures and is a Patron at The Royal Institute of Great Britain.

Martyn Gates


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