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Densitron to showcase display interaction possibilities at Embedded World 2023

CRAWLEY, UK, 28 February 2023: Densitron, the global leader in display, touchscreen, computing and specialised ODM, has announced that it will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2023, which takes place at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 14-16 March. The event, which is designed to showcase the “whole world” of embedded systems, from hardware and software to distribution, services and security, will find Densitron highlighting its latest TFT modules, control surfaces and haptics-based products.

On its stand in Hall 1 (1-628), Densitron will present a comprehensive selection of its products and patented technologies. Underlining its ability to cater to a wide variety of display and control applications, the company will demonstrate products including: a 240x1440 resolution TFT in a compact 6.6” letter-box format boasting RGB, LVDS or USB interface; and a 285x1920 TFT-based control surface in an industry-standard 16.3” size, utilising Densitron’s 18-button on-screen technology as part of its ‘Ditch the Switch’ series of control surfaces. This product can be powered by Densitron’s in-house ARM or x86 computer boards.

Densitron is also a leading innovator in the field of tactile and haptics technologies that enhance the user’s physical experience of touch-based control. The Tactilia range comprises physical objects that can be placed on a touchscreen-based display in order to provide a familiar physical response, and at Embedded World, buttons and rotaries from this product series will be available to test. In addition, Densitron’s latest developments in haptics, which respond to the continuing desire of some users to receive an immediate feedback sensation that confirms they have completed an action when using a touchscreen, will be recognised with a showcase of in-production haptics displays in 7” and 10.1” sizes.

Completing its Embedded World presence, Densitron will have the component forms of its iMX6, iMX8 and x86-based computer boards – which are utilised to power the company’s control surface products – available for viewing.

Chris Goodhall, Densitron’s Sales and Operations Director EMEA, comments: “Densitron is very excited to make a return to Embedded World with a range of products and technologies that wouldn’t have been viewed before in this section of the industry. Having undertaken highly successful releases across a number of verticals, the time is now right to make these products and technology solutions available to the wider market. Embedded World is an ideal opportunity to do this, and we look forward to meeting with existing and prospective clients to explain the many ways in which we can enable interaction with displays across sectors and applications.”


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