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Finepoint Broadcast gears up for 2020 with a major further investment in Canon UHD lenses

LONDON UK, 11 December 2019: As part of a strategy of continuing investment to track with the latest market requirements, Finepoint Broadcast, a leading UK dry hire provider of production and OB equipment to the global marketplace, has announced the further addition of a range of Canon lenses to its hire stock portfolio.

The additions include the standard Canon CJ24, plus the Canon CJ45 and large UJ90 lenses (UHD DIGISUPER).

Finepoint Broadcast Hire Manager Clive Northen said, “Finepoint has not seen the disruptive business peaks and troughs of recent years that have been so prevalent in various broadcast sectors. To the contrary, our growth has been steady and continuous, due in part to our continual evaluation and investment in technologies, such as these Canon lenses, that provide a direct benefit to our customers.”

Finepoint Broadcast Chief Engineer Andrew Mckenzie said, “The Canon CJ24 is an acclaimed telephoto lens with a 24x broadcast zoom and a focal length of 7.5-180mm that offers 4K performance that is ideal for on-the-shoulder newsgathering. The ultra-high zoom CJ45 is packed with innovative, class-leading technology that is perfectly suited to wildlife and live-sport deployments.

And with a 90x zoom, 9-810mm focal length, and image stabilisation that's fully compatible with 2/3" 4K cameras and broadcast environments where HDTV is currently in use, the Canon UHD DIGISUPER 90 lens is perfect for expanding Finepoint Broadcast’s 4K lens range.”

Long a pioneer in image stabilisation, all of the Canon lenses benefit from improved, built-in stabilisation techniques that overcome camera shake at extended focal lengths, which is more important than ever at 4K resolutions and beyond.

Northen concluded, “We’ve made this significant investment not only to even better serve our existing, loyal client base, but to ensure we are ahead of the game for 2020, which will be saturated with major sporting events of global interest, for which we and our customers will be ready. Even with all their contemporary advances, these lenses have the added benefit of backward compatibility, so we know we’ll be able to keep them in active service for our customers for many years to come.”

All of Finepoint Broadcast’s dry hire technologies are backed with 24-hour support, underpinned by an in-house team of engineers who rigorously inspect, service, and repair every item before it departs the premises to provide their customers with the peace of mind of consistent and efficient on-site performance.

In addition to dry hire, Finepoint also offers new and used technology sales for everything from camera accessories to full-size OB trucks.


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