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Melbourne, Australia - 15 July 2019 - Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, is expanding the capabilities of its LogServer IP-based logging, monitoring and analysis software through the integration of the Vidrovr enterprise video search platform. Using advanced machine learning techniques, this enables operators to find and check footage using a variety of tags, including people, text, audio and visual content.

Today's playout storage systems can contain a huge number of programs. Mediaproxy LogServer has already proved itself to be the leading compliance program, allowing material to be logged, monitored and analyzed to ensure conforming with broadcast standards. The addition of Vidrovr makes it possible to search through massive libraries for specific titles and then isolate specific sequences and features within a video.

LogServer is able to capture live video from broadcast and OTT sources, with the ability to display them on multiviewers as well as monitor and analyze the content. It can also log on-air incidents, perform searches within files, verify advertisements and publish material to social media. Vidrovr is based on machine learning and has been developed in conjunction with end users to tailor the technology to their precise needs. It is able to search live streams as well as archives, producing an overall managed service.

Through the integration of Vidrovr, LogServer can now perform a range of functions that enhance its existing range of high-end features. These include: instant review and reconciliation of video; quick extraction and publication of clips; and the ability to search using meta tags, such as Recognized People, Scenes, On-screen text, Transcripts and Activities.

Commenting on the collaboration with Mediaproxy, Joe Ellis, CEO and co-founder of Vidrovr, says, "We are very happy to be working with a leader in the crucial field of video monitoring, analysis and compliance. What we share with Mediaproxy is an understanding of the idea of Enabled Media as a collaboration between technology providers and the user base. The combination of Vidrovr and LogServer is a practical example of that."

Erik Otto, chief executive officer of Mediaproxy, adds, "The addition of Vidrovr to LogServer is a very positive step, both for the two companies and for Mediaproxy's growing user base. Both sides have great technologies, but we are coming from the position that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Together we are offering a very powerful tool that can easily and efficiently carry out vital checks for both linear broadcasting and OTT services."


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