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Mediaproxy organizes compliance monitoring webinar program

Melbourne, Australia – 18 March 2020: Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, will host a series of webinars to connect with customers and prospects it would have otherwise met during the now cancelled NAB Show. The aim behind the online sessions is to allow people to hear about the latest version of the globally leading LogServer logging, monitoring and analysis system.

Registration for the webinars will start immediately, with the web conferences set to commence from the 30 March onwards. These will provide an opportunity for both existing users and operators considering changing their compliance systems to see demonstrations of the comprehensive feature set of Mediaproxy's flagship LogServer solution.

Compliance monitoring has become a key technology issue due to the growth of OTT and streaming services, as well as the changing requirements of more traditional linear broadcasters. The proliferation of delivery formats and wide variety of devices on which people now watch video means service providers need to ensure that the right programme goes to the right destination at the right time in the highest possible quality.

As technologies change, broadcasters and streaming operators need to consider the best monitoring and logging applications for their requirements. The pressure to find a new solution to this technological issue has become even more pressing for users of the now discontinued Volicon Observer product. The engineering driven team at Mediaproxy will demonstrate its leading technology, which is looking well beyond just a Volicon replacement. The intent of the webinars is to highlight a path for the future that is driven by virtualized platforms and the new IP standards.

LogServer has been designed to support not only existing SMPTE ST 2110 media over IP standards but also the new ST 2110-22 compressed video essence standard for signals of 4K HDR and above. As part of this LogServer supports seamless protection switching for greater flexibility in a variety of environments, including virtualized operations.

Mediaproxy was aiming to show these latest features at the 2020 NAB Show, together with a preview of the latest version of the Monwall hybrid IP multiviewer, highlighting exception-based monitoring at scale. In addition, Mediaproxy planned to unveil a new set of APIs for automating news production and event monitoring workflows.

"We fully understand why the organisers of the NAB Show have canceled this year's exhibition, commented Erik Otto, chief executive of Mediaproxy. "We acknowledge that customers are going to be busy getting through a lot of online meetings to make up for NAB. Coupled with the day-to-day challenges that COVID-19 imposes on everyone, we believe that offering flexibility is paramount. LogServer is a trusted and professional solution and we look forward to connecting with customers in the coming weeks.”

Register for Mediaproxy's webinars at:


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