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Mediaproxy reinforces Nielsen support with CBET watermarking for LogServer

Melbourne, Australia - 14 March 2023: Mediaproxy, the global standard for software-based IP compliance solutions, has further expanded its support for the audio watermarking technologies employed by global measurement and data analytics company Nielsen. Already a certified provider of decoding technology for Nielsen's NAVE (Nielsen Audio Video Encoder) system, the Australian monitoring and logging specialist is now providing support for CBET (Critical Band Encoding Technology) layer 1 watermarks.

The latest versions of Mediaproxy's LogServer compliance analysis monitor now includes officially certified encoding/decoding capabilities for CBET watermarking. CBET codes enable broadcasters to embed audio content into broadcast streams, which can then be passively detected by PPM (portable people meter) devices that gauge the exposure of test audiences to encoded material.

Introduced by Nielsen in 2015, CBET layer 1 watermarks were designed for audience research in the radio market, a sector Mediaproxy operates in parallel to its core broadcast television and streaming business. As well as being used by Nielsen in the US, CBET has also been deployed by the Numeris ratings measurement organization in Canada.

This is the latest stage in the ongoing business relationship between Nielsen and Mediaproxy, which is one of only a few compliance system manufacturers to receive official certification from the audience data specialist. Mediaproxy was already certified to decode Nielsen's NAVE audio watermarking technology. This capability was incorporated into LogServer, enabling it to identify watermarks in the audio segment of compressed ATSC digital transport streams before and after transmission.


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