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MwareTV partners with THEO Technologies to boost viewer Quality of Experience

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 11 September 2023 - MwareTV, a leading cloud-based multi-tenant TV platform provider, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with THEO Technologies. This partnership empowers MwareTV to integrate THEOplayer into their TV platform, delivering top-tier video playback experiences across all platforms to its clients.

Traditionally, creating apps and online user interfaces was slow, cumbersome and expensive, involving specialist staff. MwareTV tackled this issue by developing the App Builder, an intuitive and powerful WYSIWYG development tool that, by using drag and drop, allows richly functional and fully branded apps to be created without the need to write a single line of code or have any app design experience.

By seamlessly integrating THEOplayer into MwareTV's platform, viewers can expect unparalleled video playback quality across a wide range of devices and platforms, encompassing Web, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, iOS, TVOS, Android, AndroidTV, FireTV, Roku, and more.

THEOplayer's integration within MwareTV's custom branded apps ensures effortless onboarding without the need for coding.

Through this partnership, MwareTV can intensify its TV platform expansion efforts, streamline customer onboarding, while entrusting THEO Technologies to deliver the utmost viewer quality of experience. The incorporation of THEOplayer’s React Native SDK offers a suite of premium video player features, including offline playback, picture-in-picture, and preview thumbnails. Moreover, it comes with an experienced video playback support team, and built-in DRM, advertising, and analytics connectors, providing MwareTV clients with straightforward means to safeguard, monetize, and oversee their video streams.

Sander Kerstens, CEO of MwareTV said, “MwareTV is delighted to join forces with THEO Technologies. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of cloud-based TV platforms. By seamlessly integrating THEOplayer into our ecosystem, we’re revolutionizing video playback quality across every screen. The integration not only enhances the visual journey but also empowers our customers to embark on this transformation without the complexities of coding.”

Steven Tielemans, CEO of THEO Technologies said: "Cultivating high-quality video experiences is at the heart of what we do. Our collaboration with MwareTV reflects our commitment to delivering excellence in video playback across platforms. By integrating THEOplayer into MwareTV's innovative TV platform, we're enhancing viewer satisfaction while empowering MwareTV to focus on their platform's expansion. This partnership underscores our dedication to shaping the future of video streaming.”


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