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Télé-Québec Monitors with Mediaproxy

Mediaproxy, a leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, announced today that Canadian French public educational TV network Télé-Québec has deployed Mediaproxy's LogServer compliance logging and monitoring platform for quality monitoring compliance logging of its output.

Le Société de télédiffusion du Québec, branded as Télé-Québec, is a Canadian French public educational TV network. Headquartered in Montreal with 10 regional offices, the station has been creating, curating and broadcasting educational and cultural programming which reflects the regional realities and diversity of Quebec for over half a century. Over 40% of Télé-Québec’s programming is children's programming. It also presents a range of feature film and documentaries and hosts debate and discussion-oriented shows. The main Montréal station CIVM-TV, also known as Télé-Québec HD, is also aired nationwide on Bell TV and Shaw Direct.

The Mediaproxy LogServer system is being used to log and monitor the output of Télé-Québec services for compliance to the requirements of CRTC, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications regulator. The system includes both SDI and TSoIP (Transport Stream Over IP) sources to monitor both outgoing and return feeds. The system will also interface with the network’s automation system to be able to reconcile events against broadcast contents.

The system has been installed and will be supported by CEV, Mediaproxy’s partner in Montreal. CEV provides on-site and remote technical support and offers a wide range of high-level services covering sales, systems design, engineering, installation, training and maintenance.

Erik Otto, CEO Mediaproxy said, “Being able to access compliance, monitoring and analysis functions from one place, the unified LogServer solution provides Télé-Québec with a powerful and cost-effective set of tools. The additional convenience of having all user interfaces available in French and English languages, provides seamless interaction for all their users.”


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