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Three Media signs up to DPP

Manchester, UK – 14 July 2020 – Three Media, a specialist technology company, today announced it has joined the DPP, the media industry’s business network, with the aim of expanding its exposure and bringing its distinctive perspective to the forum.

Originally founded by UK broadcasters, including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, to standardise tapeless programme delivery, the DPP has broadened its scope to become a business hub for the media industry, solving their problems and creating new opportunities.

Three Media, founded in 1999 to offer technology and market expertise to broadcast and data organisations worldwide, has a deep understanding of how the media sector is evolving. The company is already well-connected, having built its reputation on large-scale consulting projects for leading broadcasters and telcos, including ITV, BBC Studios, AMC Networks and BT. Joining the DPP will enable Three Media to not only broaden its reach within the industry but also offer its expertise to the ongoing evolution of the overall digital media market.

Three Media's initiatives are based on the principles of Simplify, Optimise, Deliver, which inform both its consultancy services and the ongoing development of their Business Content Management product, XEN:Pipeline. The company specialises in transforming businesses to drive efficiencies and to maximise revenue potential, using its depth and breadth of knowledge to create innovative but pragmatic solutions. As a natural extension, XEN:Pipeline is built on understanding the practicalities involved in these projects. It is designed to automate and optimise the supply chain from the discovery and identification of files and objects, the extraction, collation and transformation of multilayered metadata, through to the creation, preparation and delivery of a file, asset or package to any given end point.

"We are very excited about becoming a member of the DPP," comments Three Media Founder and Managing Director, Debra Slater. "We have seen how the DPP has become integral to the broadcast delivery market over the past nine years and know that we can benefit from being a part of its growing network. As every sector of the media supply chain continues to evolve at pace, we also welcome the opportunity to call on our extensive experience and unique take on the industry to add value to any new DPP initiatives.”

DPP Managing Director Mark Harrison said, “The DPP is extremely pleased to welcome Three Media as a member. We’re sure that their expertise in the innovative design and development of large scale strategic change projects for leading global broadcasters will prove extremely valuable as we continue the DPP’s work to deliver a simpler and more effective global content supply chain.”


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