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World’s First 1U Rack High-Resolution IPS Touch Display

Densitron, a creator of ARM and x86 based Human Machine Controllers, with over 45 years of display application experiences in LCD and OLED, today announced the UReady-16600 series for the satellite market. Designed to work in extreme temperatures and high ambient light conditions, the UReady display delivers the exacting performance required for satellite environments.

“Whether you are splitting, amplifying, combining, converting or receiving RF signals, you need to display clear detail to the end user,” explains Chris Goodhall, Global Business Director, Densitron. “The Densitron UReady display provides reliable, high definition optical performance, and stunning user interface that is expected in mission critical monitoring satellite activities.”

End users are demanding mobile device quality graphics in all manner of lighting conditions, and from any angle. The UReady display utilises an adjustable 800cd LED backlight with half-life of 50,000 hours over 24/7 operation, and IPS technology that enables 85/85/85/85 symmetric viewing and 800:1 contrast ratio for both indoor and outdoor ambient lighting conditions.

Pixelation in displays creates inferior product quality which is why the UReady-16600 display has the capability to offer high-definition 1440x240 (222 ppi) static and video images within a 1U mechanical size to enhance product value.

To cope with the extreme temperature of some satellite installations, Densitron designed the UReady-16600 with -30 to +85 C operating capability. The addition of Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) sensing enables the design engineer to create a series of interactive and intuitive menus, which can be easily manipulated to ensure that the GUI design captures all aspects of the satellite’s communication menu structure. Together with Densitron’s own ARM or x86 computing platforms, Densitron can deliver a high-end Human Machine Interface.

“Whether your rack product is designed to service consumer, government and defence, cellular backhaul and trunking, or offshore and maritime, the UReady-16600 series range will support your display and touch solution requirements,” adds Goodhall. “We also understand that a stable supply without design change is important, which is why we offer five-year availability on UReady and our embedded products.”


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