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MwareTV introduces new billing module to simplify monetization and accelerate deployment

• Fully-integrated to streamline onboarding

• Support for multiple business models

• Easy subscriber relationships and communication

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 21 August 2023: MwareTV, a leading cloud-based multi-tenant platform provider, has incorporated a billing module into its new-look TVMS (television management system) software. Covering added value features like integrated shopping carts for multi-currency subscriptions with built-in payment gateways, and the customer portal to manage subscriptions, the comprehensive monetization functionality eliminates the need for third-party integrations so makes start-ups swift and sure.

The new TVMS software platform is built on a modular basis, to cover everything from content management and subscriber management to creating and implementing apps for client devices. Central to any media enterprise is the need to maximize revenues, so the billing module is a critical part of the new TVMS.

It addresses the challenges in establishing subscription-based services, including making the customer journey clear through simple onboarding. The TVMS provides a high degree of automation, for example to ensure renewals are rolled over, and supports different business models, including FAST, SVoD, pay per view and tiered subscriptions.

A key advantage of integrating billing into TVMS is that it appears consistent and seamless to subscribers, with sales, sign-up and subscriptions appearing within the app they use to watch the programming. The customer feels in control of every aspect of their relationship with the TV operator.

“While the users of our systems are many and varied, from housing bodies to telcos, they all have in common the need to earn firm revenues from the service,” said MwareTV CEO Sander Kerstens. “With our comprehensive and fully integrated feature set, users can focus on delivering exceptional content and services to their customers, without the delay of managing complex billing systems or relying on external software. That is why the billing module is a central part of our management software.”

The new TVMS from MwareTV incorporates modules for content, customers, apps and the App Builder, reporting, marketing and APIs as well as billing and revenues. The cloud-native software and its modular architecture mean that users can quickly select and implement precisely the facilities they need, with virtually no capital investment and costs directly tied to revenues.

For more information on the comprehensive MwareTV solution – and a branded and costed proof of concept – visit MwareTV at IBC2023 on stand 5.A10, or go to


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